About Us

Buddha Face

Welcome to the Gay Buddhist Sangha.  Although the Sanscrit word "sangha" usually refers to communities of Buddhist monks and nuns, we are a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, who, like the historical Buddha's Sangha, connect so that we can support each other in our practice as we explore the Buddha Way.

We strive to provide a refuge and safe place where LGBTQI people can feel supported and valued as we cultivate the practice of these teachings and learn how to use them in practical ways in our everyday lives.

We come together to learn from teachers from the many Buddhist traditions, and to be teachers for one another as LGBTQI people with common experiences. We seek to understand the path of Buddha and apply it in the circumstances of our lives as we really live them.

We are a nonsectarian group.  Some of us practice in the various traditions of Buddhism that have developed through the centuries.  Some of us look toward what will eventually become a Western Buddhist tradition.

Many of us have been following this path for many years, while others are just beginning their exploration. Wherever we are in our practice, our Everyday Dharma gatherings, dharma study groups, periodic retreats and other activities serve as a gateway to a fuller understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.

We invite you to check the current schedule of our activities, location, dates and times as well as speaker in our Everyday Dharma gatherings on Sundays.